The Ship Shape Co. was founded on the basis that quality boat cleaning was hard to find at the Lake of the Ozarks.  We have one goal, to exceed your expectations on whatever we do.  From Motor Yacht to Jon-Boat, we'll get your ship into shape. 

Other companies have labeled themselves as a ‘concierge service’ (a service service); offering every service from boat detailing, to baby sitting, stereo installation, pest control, docks, setting tee times, boat lifts, fiberglass repair, covers, carpet, upholstery, winterization, etc.  Our primary focus is on one thing; to offer hassle-free boating, so you arrive to a clean and stocked boat, untie and get on your way.  When you return all you do is tie the boat and walk away, and we will take care of the rest (removing garbage, laundrering sheets and towels, covering, etc) and we'll make sure your boat is ready the next time you use it. 

It seems any and every college kid can (and does) start a boat 'detailing' service with little more than a bucket, hose, brush and some dish soap.  (Yes, there are high-quality brushes for different parts of a boat.)  Generally our competition charges between $2/ft to $15/ft.  * I feel this pricing structure is unfair to the customer, as the level of service is going to vary heavily.  Say you hire ‘Johns Boat Detailing’ for $2/ft to clean your 50’ boat, and while they are working on your boat, one of your neighbors wants to hire them to detail his 50’ boat, last minute.  More often then knot (nautical pun), they will cut short the time spent on your boat so they can double their income for the day by detailing your neighbors boat too.  If ‘Johns Boat Detailing’ is hired to detail a pretty-clean boat and a filthy boat, they will charge the same amount; this just doesn't make sense.  The ShipShape Co. charges a by-the-hour rate, which is the most fair way since no two jobs are the same.  On a 50’ boat, some weeks our re-wash time is 4hrs or 8hrs but the end result is that the job is done thoroughly every time, and for a fair price given the work that was done.

The ShipShape Co. operates completely aboveboard; paying income taxes, proper payroll taxes & delivering W-2's to our co-workers, carrying sufficient liability and workers compensation insurance, etc.   We are a business that is here to stay and strives to develop quality relationships within the The Lake community and beyond. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon and can’t wait to exceed your expectations. 

-Dave G.